In the coming years, Luxembourg companies will have to take up the challenge to do more in less time more cost-effectively while ensuring growth of their businesses. Efficient teamwork will be an indispensable prerequisite to fulfill productivity expectations. An agile convergence between collaboration and mobility will be the key enabler in achieving these objectives. The growing collaborative functionalities in ICT must be mastered, wherever and whenever. At Telindus this concept is called the Any³ Economy: Anywhere, anyhow, anytime paradigm.

With a customer centric approach, Telindus Luxembourg positions itself as the privileged partner for businesses and administrations in Luxembourg. In order to accompany its customers, at their own pace, with the highest respect for their evolution, Telindus adapted its wide range of solutions and services to meet the very specific needs to any customer profile.

Telindus, together with Tango, commits itself to resolutely develop all convergent solutions. More than ever, our mission is to guarantee everyone access to all types of services, wherever and whenever, in an easy and secure manner, via all kinds of devices connected to the fixed or mobile network.

This customer centric strategy translates in the group’s organization for corporate clients in Luxembourg. This strategy focuses on customers’ needs managed through a single point of contact to meet overall ICT requirements. Telindus’ commitment is to provide intuitive end-to-end solutions to its customers while guiding them from complexity to simplicity, managing and accompanying change and fulfilling their expectations entirely.


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