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Tibbo OS (TiOS) or Linux. Which one is right for you ?

Tibbo provides two classes of hardware: Tibbo OS (TiOS) devices, and Linux devices.

TiOS is excellent for developing network-enabled automation applications that do not require dealing with complex hardware or protocols beyond those natively supported by TiOS (TCP, UDP, HTTP, serial, etc.) or our open-source libraries. With the hardware, OS, and development software — Tibbo IDE — designed by Tibbo, you get an easily embedded software development, as well as a well-rounded, polished system, which components were purposefully built to work together.

Compared to TiOS, Linux is infinitely more powerful and expandable. With Linux, you have at your disposal an ever-increasing number of programming languages, as well as open-source frameworks, libraries, and toolkits. Our Linux hardware has a much higher performance than that of TiOS hardware and is well-suited for data-intensive and multimedia applications. Both operating systems support remote code execution.

Simply put, Tibbo embedded operating system is an "instant gratification" choice: you can get your project going really fast, but may hit a performance and complexity ceiling when working on larger things. Linux is a "delayed gratification" choice: it takes somewhat longer to get started, but you may reap huge benefits later, especially on complex projects requiring higher performance and support from 3rd-party libraries.



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